Donnerberg Rottweilers

Bonita vom Schafberg, female Rottweiler from Poland
This is our Bonita vom Schafberg at 2 years old.
(Click her photo for info)!

Welcome to the internet home of Donnerberg Rottweilers located on 30 acres in Live Oak, California which is 45 minutes north of Sacramento.  My name is Cheri Ruzich and my husband Ron and my daughter Christa Dorsey and I own and selectively breed Rottweilers from famous German and European pedigrees.  We may occasionally have a litter of puppies available that we co-own the female or leased out one of our own females so that we may obtain another puppies for ourselves, but other than that we are no longer offering puppies.  We do have a limited supply of frozen semen available for sale out of Samson von der Blauen Welle made available by our dear friends and owners of Samson who resides in Croatia, and we also have plenty of semen available from our own Vonzennith Duttsch.

All of our adult Rottweilers and Rottweiler puppies possess sound temperaments, healthy bodies, excellent bone structure, extremely high intelligence and natural protection instincts.  Donnerberg Rottweilers are calm, trainable, protective, courageous and devoted to their owners.  Our site is filled with original articles written by me and thousands of photos of Rottweilers which we hope you'll enjoy and benefit from. 

The goals we strive for are to follow the FCI Rottweiler breed standard used by the ADRK in Germany.  All Rottweiler dogs owned, co-owned or bred by us have certified hips by their country of origin or by the OFA, OVC, ADRK or Penn Hip here in America. 

Donnerberg Rottweilers kennel name is registered with the American Kennel Club.  We started in Rottweilers in 1979 and bred our first litter of Rottweiler puppies about 10 years later.

We are a Code of Ethics Breeder.  If at any time that a puppy purchaser decides they don't want a puppy we sold or any dog or puppy bred from one of our stud dogs, we will make sure to help place the puppy or adult dog.  All Rottweiler puppies from Donnerberg Rottweilers are well socialized and raised inside the home and spend quality time both indoors and out.  Our dogs can live in a multitude of situations and competitively compete and campaign at shows or working venues here in the USA and Europe.

We hope you'll enjoy your visit.

Date of last update, 1/14/15.

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Donnerberg Rottweilers
Ron and Cheri Ruzich,
and Christa Dorsey
P. O. Box 305
Live Oak, CA 95953

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